about me

So you've discovered my little slice of the internet, my grand experiment in mommyblogging, and you want to learn a little more about me ...

What's there to say, really?
  • I'm a science nerd (and high school teacher, currently working from home for a virtual school) with a passion for all things rational, logical, scientific ...
  • I'm a dedicated wife, married six years to my best friend and "high school sweetheart."
  • I'm a loving mother to a nearly-two-year-old son. (Really?! Where has the time gone?!)
  • I'm a fiercely loyal friend.
  • I'm a budding photographer.
  • I'm a creative, do-it-yourself enthusiast ... From crafts to cooking, I love a good project!
  • I'm a bargain hunter.
  • I'm a wannabe world traveler.
  • I am Emily.

That's me in a nutshell.

And this is itsMOMbojumbo ...

  • The story of my suburban life,
  • The dumping ground for my thoughts and motherly musings,
  • The collection of my photographs,
  • The virtual display case for my finished projects,
  • The ultimate experiment that is chronicling life with a child!

Thanks for taking a peek!

Feel free to send me a shout out at itsmombojumbo (at) gmail (dot) com!