August 31, 2012


Right now, her eyes are so blue ...

I wonder if they will stay this color, or go from blue, to gray, to hazel like her brother's eyes did.

August 30, 2012

bowled over

We went (bumper) bowling with family this past weekend and Malcolm just loved it.

I mean, what two-year-old doesn't love throwing things?

Tee-shirt: Old Navy ($5.00)
Shorts: Jumping Beans (hand-me-down)
Socks: Unknown brand (hand-me-down)
Shoes: Bowling!!

Big, heavy, neon-colored things at that?

August 29, 2012

finding time

When I started this blog, I had a seven-month-old baby on my hands and was holding the "stay at home mom" gig full time.

Today, that seven-month-old baby is quickly approaching the three year mark, I'm working full time for a virtual school ... And there is a nearly six-month-old around to spice things up a bit more.

Yes, things have changed over here, and many days I sit staring at this blank page wondering what to write about and how long I will keep this up.

As I described in my very first post on this blog, I am not a stranger to blogging.

I am not a stranger to stopping blogging, either!

And, while Malcolm is currently saying a million funny things, and Pearl is hitting that age where she is such a fun baby, I find myself scrounging for worthwhile material and time ...

But mostly time.

Time is a hot commodity around these parts ...  Especially now that school is in session and my "stay at home momming" has morphed into "work at home momming."  Who knew that teaching 200 students across the state of Ohio (through the wonders of the internet) and keeping two kids happy and occupied at home would be as ridiculous as it is?

Certainly a bit more complicated than last year.

And a bit more demanding.

It is the perfect storm of a great, big time vacuum ...  Glance over at the clock, and, suddenly, an entire day has passed on by!

It's time for dinner, already?!

What am I even going to make for dinner?!

Then dinner leads into play time ... 

Followed by bath time, then bed time for the babies ... 

A little time for the husband and I to unwind ... 

Then (blissfully!!) bed time for me.

So, more often than not, this blog is neglected until the following morning when I may have a moment between Malcolm waking up and Pearl wanting to nurse ...

I guess this post is to say (or to convince myself?) that I still enjoy this space and the quiet moments I spend writing in it, mulling over my day, posting pictures and telling stories.  Although I'm gearing up (and getting busy!) with school again, I continue to find myself wanting to document my life ... To tell my story within the pages of this blog, so that, years from now (whether or not I'm still adding to it), I can come back to browse around and remember how things used to be.

Assuming that I'll have the free time to do it.

August 24, 2012

jump, magic jump

This song is always ringing through my brain when she is in her doorway bouncer ...

You remind me of the babe.

What babe?

The babe with the power.

What power?

Power of voo-doo.

Who do?

You do!

Do what?

Remind me of the babe.

August 23, 2012

neon stripes

Sometimes, I'm impressed at how I'm able to put an outfit together for Pearl using new and old pieces.

Case in point:

She received the jacket and pants set pictured below as a gift, but it did not come with any shirt or onesie for underneath.  I didn't want to use a boring old white onesie (my girl has more style and spunk than that!), so the outfit sat in the closet.

As I was rotating clothes that were too small for her with ones that were larger, the onesie in today's post magically appeared.

Neon lime and white with a happy gray bear ...

It was perfect! 

Jacket: Carter's (gift)
Onesie: Carter's (thrifted for $0.50)
Pants: Carter's (gift)

If only I had the same luck when piecing together clothes from my own wardrobe!

August 20, 2012

back in the saddle

As we steamroll through August, another year at the virtual school is upon me ...

It seems like just yesterday, I was dreaming of my maternity leave and the extended "vacation" I would receive before I was officially back to work ...  And, while I'm excited to get back into the swing of things and dive head first into high school biology, part of me is apprehensive as to how I'm going to find the "balance" I need to make everything (my teaching and "momming") work.

Thinking back, my first year at the virtual school began after Malcolm's first birthday, so I didn't have to worry about nursing, or baby food, or even moments of cuddling and rocking before nap time ...  Malcolm was already pretty independent:

I could put him in the high chair and he would eat by himself.

I could lay him in the crib and he would fall asleep.

Pearl, on the other hand, is only five months old, so she requires a lot more "hands on" attention.  While she isn't nursing all the time anymore (more like every 3-4 hours), eating still takes up a large part of her day.  And, while she can put herself to sleep, she is inconsistent (we don't have a schedule locked down like we did with Malcolm at this age) and often needs a little help from me.

It doesn't help that, in typical fashion (every school I've been at has been this way), the start-up of this school year is a bit of a scramble.

With less than one week to go, I'm still not certain what part of orientation I am responsible for and/or when I'll be holding my live class sessions.  Although I'm flexible and ready to just go with the flow, I still have to figure out how I'm going to occupy two children during those live moments online ... And how I'm going to focus and get work done when I (inevitably) have kids awake at different times throughout the day ...

Cue Elizabeth and her blog.

She has organized a "Teacher Link-up" with tips for teachers ...  And while many of the tips probably will not apply to me (since I'm not in a brick-and-mortar building and, thus, don't get to organize or decorate physical objects in my classroom), I'm hoping they will give me some inspiration as the new school year begins.  Maybe they will make me nostalgic for the times when I was teaching in a "real" classroom?

Who knows ...

What I do know, is that, while it will be challenging, I am going to make this year a successful one.

If I've learned anything as a teacher, it is that a positive attitude really does get you far.  From my (hellish) days as a student teacher, I somehow managed to muddle through with sheer willpower and determination ...  And (on most days) a smile on my face.  I remember hearing that "students shouldn't see you smile until after Christmas break," but I totally disagree.

It is the relationships that make teaching worthwhile ...  The chance to connect with students, and for them to see that you are a real person.  So, despite the chaos that is the start-up of another school year, I resolve to be as positive as possible.

And organized ...

And flexible ...

And ...

August 17, 2012

budding naturalist

Malcolm went to the zoo on Monday and enjoyed checking out the local wildlife with some binoculars ...

Little did he know he could have seen a lot more if they were turned the right way!

August 16, 2012

rainbow stripes (with a side of attitude)

I feel like I keep taking the same picture of this kid ...

Lamaze (thrifted for $0.50)
Pants: Carters (thrifted for $0.50)


And yet, I am always excited to see her sweet little face through my camera lens.

Capturing our everyday moments ... As mundane as they may be.

I'm not certain she feels the same way!

August 15, 2012

pearl: five months

Another month gone and the "roar!" on her onesie is quite appropriate.

Although she is still the sweetest little thing, her spunky personality is coming out in full force.

She recently discovered her toes, and her fingers (almost) never leave her mouth ...

She loves to get on her belly and roll or wiggle her way across the room (I never see how she does it!) ...

She is forever entertained by her brother and always has to see what he is up to ...

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 13 pounds

She is far from the "infant" stage and plowing right on into babyhood ...  Each month that we spend together is better than the next!

*See Pearl's fourth month, here.

August 10, 2012

baby bear

When Pearl was still a tiny little thing, I found this beach hoodie at the thrift store (for $1.00!) and promptly scooped it up.

I was certainly not disappointed when it (finally!) made its appearance down at the lake!

August 9, 2012

big brother on the move

He's unpredictable.

Like a storm.

One minute he is standing, quietly considering his next course of action ...

The next he notices me (with the camera) and comes straight for me ...

Splashing along the shore, his mischievous smile as bright as the sun that is making its descent in the sky ...

Tee-shirt: Carter's (gift)
Jean shorts: Jumping Beans (hand-me-down)
Shoes: Disney (hand-me-down)

Words can not describe how fierce my love is for him.

My little boy.

The "big brother" of our family.

August 7, 2012

beep! beep!

All of a sudden (with no poking or prodding from us), Malcolm has become borderline obsessed with cars and trucks.

His favorite thing to do with them is carefully (and meticulously) line them up on any surface that is willing to accommodate them and then move them back and forth ...  If you ask him, they are always headed to "Pa-Ma's House."

That was definitely the case at Conneaut Lake when he would tote them anywhere and everywhere.

He spent a good half hour down at the lake (ignoring the water) and just playing all by himself.

I hope this trend (of occupying himself) continues as school starts up again for the 2012-2013 school year.  With two kids at home, I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle all of my different (teaching and mothering) responsibilities ...  So if a growing collection of cars and trucks will give me a couple minutes of quiet, I'll certainly take it!

August 3, 2012

late day sun

I was playing around with the aperture on my camera and this is what I came up with ...

August 2, 2012

getting along swimmingly

We spent the entirety of last week at the family cottage in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, so I have lots of lake-related pictures (and even a few stories) that I wanted to share.

To kick things off, here is this week's "fashion post."

I guess I should just confess that most of our waking hours at that lake are spent wearing swimwear ...  Nothing quite says "summer vacation" like the absence of regular clothes (for kids and adults alike)!

Swim shirt: Old Navy (gift)
Swim trunks: Old Navy (gift)
Sandals: Disney (hand-me-down)

But when the weather is sunny and warm, and boat rides are plentiful, it doesn't make sense to wear anything else!