August 29, 2012

finding time

When I started this blog, I had a seven-month-old baby on my hands and was holding the "stay at home mom" gig full time.

Today, that seven-month-old baby is quickly approaching the three year mark, I'm working full time for a virtual school ... And there is a nearly six-month-old around to spice things up a bit more.

Yes, things have changed over here, and many days I sit staring at this blank page wondering what to write about and how long I will keep this up.

As I described in my very first post on this blog, I am not a stranger to blogging.

I am not a stranger to stopping blogging, either!

And, while Malcolm is currently saying a million funny things, and Pearl is hitting that age where she is such a fun baby, I find myself scrounging for worthwhile material and time ...

But mostly time.

Time is a hot commodity around these parts ...  Especially now that school is in session and my "stay at home momming" has morphed into "work at home momming."  Who knew that teaching 200 students across the state of Ohio (through the wonders of the internet) and keeping two kids happy and occupied at home would be as ridiculous as it is?

Certainly a bit more complicated than last year.

And a bit more demanding.

It is the perfect storm of a great, big time vacuum ...  Glance over at the clock, and, suddenly, an entire day has passed on by!

It's time for dinner, already?!

What am I even going to make for dinner?!

Then dinner leads into play time ... 

Followed by bath time, then bed time for the babies ... 

A little time for the husband and I to unwind ... 

Then (blissfully!!) bed time for me.

So, more often than not, this blog is neglected until the following morning when I may have a moment between Malcolm waking up and Pearl wanting to nurse ...

I guess this post is to say (or to convince myself?) that I still enjoy this space and the quiet moments I spend writing in it, mulling over my day, posting pictures and telling stories.  Although I'm gearing up (and getting busy!) with school again, I continue to find myself wanting to document my life ... To tell my story within the pages of this blog, so that, years from now (whether or not I'm still adding to it), I can come back to browse around and remember how things used to be.

Assuming that I'll have the free time to do it.

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