May 4, 2010

getting started (again)

Welcome! You have found (or been directed to) my blog!

Though it might be a surprise to many of those who know me, I should begin by saying I am no stranger to the "blogosphere." I am an avid reader of many different blogs and have kept various blogs of my own in the past. I have tried my hand at journaling my day-to-day and experiences and even went semi-anonymous to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a science teacher. While both began with a lot of enthusiasm and were quite therapeutic, as time passed, they seemed to fall by the wayside.

Was my daily life really interesting to those few people that read about it? Could my words truly be honest and open even though I was hiding, protecting the identities of those I taught in the classroom? Questions like these made me wonder about my purpose as a blogger and, soon, the gaps between entries grew and grew. In fact, the start of this new blog comes over a year after I stopped writing for the last one.

So, will this blog be any different?

I feel like it will be.

Although much about me as a person is still exactly the same as when I stopped writing for my previous blog, one thing in my life has changed significantly: I am now the mother of a nearly seven and a half month old boy. In that short amount of time, I have had to learn and grow in ways I never thought possible. I have had to recognize and foster my own inner strength in order to provide for another human being who is completely reliant upon me! I truly am his everything ... He can not thrive without my guidance (although he certainly tries). He needs me to be the best mother that I can be, during every single second that he is awake. Who he will become ten or twenty years from now begins at this very moment! What a daunting, yet exhilarating thought!

Therein lies the fundamental difference between this blog and all those that I began before ... Unlike the others, this blog is for him.

Hopefully, in this space, I will find a place to work through my thoughts and to chronicle important events as they occur. I hope to write, not only about my experiences as a new mother and how they impact me and my family, but also to offer advice and/or solutions to the things that people like me care about. Hopefully, as time passes, this blog will grow and take on a life of its own, instead of becoming burdensome and fading away.

Only time will tell ...

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