May 21, 2010

the littlest vampire

About two weeks ago, I noticed that Malcolm had an upper tooth coming in.

It was one of his "eye teeth" (or "canines" as they are often called) ... Not one of the two front teeth as I had expected. After getting used to the idea of my baby growing a top tooth, I thought it was pretty funny that he would have such an asymmetrical smile ... I mean, what baby gets teeth way off to the side before those that come in in the middle?

What baby grows fangs, first?

My baby, apparently ... His other eye tooth is currently making its appearance!

Once it is fully emerged, my sweet little Malcolm is going to look like a member of the undead. I used to joke that his Dad was a vampire ... He did have quite sizable eye teeth himself, along with pale skin, pale eyes, a gaunt stature, and sensitivity to bright light. Maybe I was on to something.

Or, maybe my boy is being influenced by popular culture already. I know that Twilight is the thing in many circles, but, come on Malcolm! You don't have to follow the crowd at such a young age!

You're way cuter than Edward Cullen anyway.

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