May 17, 2010

improve-your-own baby leg warmers

Since I'm a huge perfectionist, I wasn't completely happy with the way my baby leg warmers turned out ... Especially after a Google search yielded results with cuffed leg warmers. The cuffs not only seemed like they would keep the leg warmers from sliding down over the baby's foot, they also had a more finished, polished look to them.

So, using the same black and gray striped socks as an example, I thought I'd continue my tutorial for those of you that want a "finished" look to your baby leg warmers:

First cut the foot portion of the sock as shown, below. The heel and toe pieces can be discarded.

Take your square tube of material and roll it in half with the "good side" of the sock facing outward (and inward). This will become the cuff.

Take the long piece of the sock (this is the part that I originally hemmed in the first leg warmer tutorial) and feed it through the cuff, right side out, with the unfinished edges all together. You should have three layers of fabric to sew through when you bring it to your machine.

Sew through the three layers. If you want a smaller cuff, sew closer to the folded end. For a longer cuff, sew closer to the unfinished edges. As in the first tutorial, a zig-zag stitch, as well as a longer seam length, provide the completed piece with a little bit more "give."

Fold your cuff down and you are finished! If there is a lot of fabric left on the inside of the leg warmer, you can trim it away.

Again, (as you can hopefully see) this provides a more "finished" look to your baby leg warmer. Since the seam is hidden, you can essentially use any color of thread and it won't be visible ... This is a great time saver if you are creating multiple leg warmers from socks with different colors and patterns!

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