May 27, 2010

shop 'til you drop

I'm an extremely practical person ... But I've learned from the best!

I remember, while picking up a friend for a sleepover one fine summer evening, jumping out of the van at my mother's request to scavenge a rolled up carpet from someone's tree lawn. It was the night before garbage day, and such treasures were ripe for the picking. It was just a carpet, after all ... Nothing a good washing and/or vacuuming couldn't fix.

Today, I find myself also looking for a good deal on second hand items ... Although I'm not jumping out of my car to obtain them. I have found some really great buys on Craigslist: a kitchen table and chairs and a gorgeous dining room set with hutch. Both were purchased at very reasonable, if not unbelievable, prices. But, my biggest, and best second hand secret (if you can even call it a secret) is the Salvation Army Family Store.

As a mother of a growing boy, I can barely justify shopping for his clothing any other way. Babies grow so quickly that it's hard to get your money's worth out of an item that costs even $10.00 (at least in my mind). Not only are the prices unbeatable at the Salvation Army Family Store, many of the items are barely worn to begin with ... You might as well be purchasing new items. It's not hard to find brand names either: Baby Gap, Baby Sonoma, Carter's, Gerber, Gymboree, Old Navy ... They are all well represented! Then, as if it couldn't get any better, Wednesdays (at least in the Cleveland area) are "Family Days" where most of the merchandise is half off!

Who can beat that?!

To show you what I mean, here are the spoils from my last trip:

Ten assorted tops and four pairs of shoes ... Not too shabby for just under $25.00, right?!

With other day-to-day expenses always looming in the background, shopping sprees like this one make me feel a little bit better about beefing up my little guy's wardrobe for the current season and beyond!

If only I had more time to shop for myself, too!

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