August 23, 2012

neon stripes

Sometimes, I'm impressed at how I'm able to put an outfit together for Pearl using new and old pieces.

Case in point:

She received the jacket and pants set pictured below as a gift, but it did not come with any shirt or onesie for underneath.  I didn't want to use a boring old white onesie (my girl has more style and spunk than that!), so the outfit sat in the closet.

As I was rotating clothes that were too small for her with ones that were larger, the onesie in today's post magically appeared.

Neon lime and white with a happy gray bear ...

It was perfect! 

Jacket: Carter's (gift)
Onesie: Carter's (thrifted for $0.50)
Pants: Carter's (gift)

If only I had the same luck when piecing together clothes from my own wardrobe!

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