July 19, 2012

old-fashioned girl

I always enjoyed the "challenge" of shopping before knowing the gender of my baby ...  And, being of the mind that girls don't always need to wear pink (and boys don't need to wear blue), I was always happy to find onesies like the one in today's post.

There was (is) just something cute about brown and cream-colored stripes.

They are very classic.  Old-timey, if you will ...

So, when Pearl finally donned today's onesie (without any shorts since the weather was so hot and humid), I was amused that she looked like a baby of the past, the dark and light stripes being reminiscent of the old bathing suits you'd see in a black and white movie.

Striped onesie: Old Navy (thrifted for $0.50)

And, now, with a little editing ...

I suppose it is fitting, though.

The name "Pearl" hit its peak of popularity (according to the Social Security website) in 1900!

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