June 22, 2010

my little explorer

Now that he is mobile, Malcolm is constantly getting into everything ... And this "everything" that I speak of is not reserved to areas inside of the house, either. Indoors or outdoors, my baby boy wants to see (and touch and taste) it all.

During our recent family vacation to Florida, I made sure to bring a lot of cute outfits for the little guy. This one had been waiting in the wings for some time, and just seemed very appropriate given our lush, green surroundings. The whole day, I couldn't shake the thought of how cute it would be to get a picture of Malcolm in the middle of some tropical plants ... Too bad Malcolm had different ideas.

Instead of sitting still, he took off across the graveled walkway and attempted to climb the stairs ... Who ever said vacation was relaxing?

Polo shirt: Baby Headquarters ($6.00 as part of a 3-piece shirts/shorts set)
Shorts: Sonoma ($1.00 from the sale rack at Kohl's!)
Shoes: Old Navy ($5.00)

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