November 4, 2011

sneak peek

Yesterday was our 19-week ultrasound ...

Our first real "look" at the newest member of our family.

While the experience wasn't new, it was just as surreal as the first time around.

We really are pregnant (again).

That really is a baby (again).

He/she will really be part of our family in a few short months (again).

Are we really ready for this (again)?

Despite my growing midsection, it is still hard for me to wrap my mind around that fact that I'm carrying a second life around with me wherever I go ... The often blurry images on the ultrasound (and on the printed photo sheets we get to take home) help to make it more real.

That really is a baby in there.

Since we elected to not find out the sex (just like we did with Malcolm), all we know is our second child is healthy, has all of his/her limbs, and is growing according to schedule.

But that is enough for now and we are excited to see what the future will bring.

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