November 29, 2011

so big

I'm not sure what changed (or even when), but all of a sudden, Malcolm seems like such a kid.

A big boy through and through.

He wants to do everything for himself ... Eat his meals, pick out his clothes, read his books, brush his teeth, even pick up his toys (sometimes).

He goes where he wants when he wants, and isn't afraid to climb the stairs in either direction without a hand to hold ...

He is an expert mover, running and jumping all over the place (even on the couch when his Dad and I are in an agreeable mood) ...

He "tells jokes" (usually by signing the opposite of things, like "hot" for "cold" or "cold for "hot") and then laughs at how silly he thinks he is ...

He waves good-bye to me at night as I close the door to his room and settles in all by himself ...

More words are making their way out of his mouth ...

Some of his 2T sized clothes are too small ...

I knew it would happen, that he would eventually grow up, but I never realized how quickly the changes would occur ... Or how, in the blink of an eye, he would seem so different, even after a mere two years together.

When Malcolm was an infant, I often heard: "Enjoy him while he is little. He won't stay that way forever."

Advice that was actually true. Helpful. (Go figure!)

Enjoy him while he is little.

I find comfort in the fact that I was able (and still am able) to do just that.

I am lucky enough to be with him from the moment he wakes to the moment we lay him down to sleep at night.

I am lucky enough to have an effortless (so far) second pregnancy that doesn't detract from any of our daily activities. No morning sickness or complications to speak of.

Yet, even though I am mindful to take each day as a single unit, to really enjoy my little man and all of his delightful quirks and qualities, it's still crazy to me that my squishy little baby is quickly becoming my big boy.

In only four months time he will be the big brother of our household ... Leaps and bounds from the helpless infant we brought home from the hospital about two years ago. Leaps and bounds ahead of the new sibling that will be joining us.

And while some part of me will always I think back and miss the days when my little Malcolm would fall asleep in my arms, the rest of me is excited for all the moments and milestones that are yet to come!

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