February 15, 2013

pearl: eleven months

So, I realize that this has been a very Pearl-centric week ...  But, it's that time again.

Another month has passed us by!

I know I say pretty much the same thing in every one of these posts, but Pearl's personality is really, really starting to show.  It's like a baby hits that ninth month and BAM! they come into their own.

But, I love getting to see all of her little quirks ...

She is spunky (getting into everything, especially things that aren't hers), and cuddly, and loud.

If you turn your attention away for a second, Girl let's you know about it!

She is also quite the little eater (as evidenced by Monday's post), and is getting to the point where she only wants to have what we're having.  This has led to quite a few interesting meals, but has also shown us just how much she is changing before our eyes.

Height: 29 inches
Weight: 18 pounds

My little girl is growing up!

*Pearl's tenth month is here.

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