January 15, 2013

pearl: ten months

I feel like I was just writing Pearl's nine month post ...

But, yet, another month has flown right on by!

I'm not sure if it's because we had some (minimal) down time during the holidays, and therefore, have been able to just sit and watch our little lady, but Pearl has so many new tricks.

She pulls up on things like a pro ...

In her crib, at the coffee table, in front of the TV, by the refrigerator, against the wall ...  Anywhere and everywhere will do!  So very, very soon, Malcolm will have trouble keeping his things out of her reach (and then the real fun will begin). 

(Foreshadowing of things to come?)

She joins us for dinner, and is eating real food with the rest of us ...  Bananas, noodles, cereal, beans, chunks of boiled vegetables (and, of course, cookies).

She is noisy ...  Constantly jabbering (or shouting) away.  I wouldn't be surprised if a true first word was right around the corner!

She now waves "hello" ...  Just the other day, the husband was pumping gas and peeked in through the van window (as he tends to do) to make faces at the kids.  He could barely see Pearl, her tiny face peering out between the edge of her carrier and its handle, but slowly and surely, she raised her little hand to wave at him.

Height: 28.5 inches
Weight: 16 pounds

Little girl is turning into just that ...  A little girl!

It's crazy to think that she'll be one in exactly two months ...

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