January 29, 2013

maybe it's not so bad

My husband and I have discussed it many times, and I have been quick to tell family and friends that having a three-year-old is exhausting.

Even if Pearl was not a part of our family ...  On his own, Malcolm would still be a force to be reckoned with.

His energy is off the charts.

His mood is all over the place.

His stubbornness in the face of toilet training is ridiculous.

Yet, through all of these challenging attitudes and behaviors that make me want to pull my hair out, there are the moments where he is just so sweet.

I can't keep track of the number of times he has just come up to me while I am working during the day, rested his head against me, and asked, "Mom?  Do you love me?"

To which I stop whatever I'm doing and tell him, complete with a big squeeze, "of course I love you!  I love you so much!"

Every day, without fail, it goes the same way.

Sometimes, I even hear him talking to himself in the other room.

"I'm so lucky!"  He'll say.  "My mom loves me!"

Yes, she does, Kiddo.

Even in the midst of all your craziness, she certainly does.

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