January 11, 2013

almost there

I'm not usually one to get overwhelmed by the various stresses that creep into my everyday life ... 

But, to put it lightly, this week has left me feeling downright exhausted and ready to collapse into bed each night.

It has been quite a challenge.

(And I haven't even had to leave the house!)

It is the last week of school before semester exams, so I'm busy working with students to help them end the semester on a high note (and go into that last exam prepared and ready to go) ...  And, on the administrative end, I'm grading lots of late work, attending tons of department and planning meetings, and just otherwise preparing for a new semester of science material.

Pearl has been much crankier than usual because she is (seems to be?) teething.

Malcolm is embarking on his first full week with no pull-ups and, while he is doing extremely well, there are the inevitable accidents to be had (and clean) ...  On top of that, he has also been super energetic (probably from being cooped up all day), wanting to run throughout the house and play, often plowing over his (crabby) sister in the process (and making her even crabbier).

And (last, but certainly not least) ...  We talked with a (new) realtor and put the house on the market for the third time.

All of these things, although tolerable on their own, are adding up to a perfect, chaotic storm in our house!

A storm that I am so ready to see blow over as soon as the weekend hits.

(And I hear the weather is supposed to be nice, too!)

I'm ready to take a break from my computer and pull myself away from its glowing screen ... To hang up the "working mom" hat for a little while and just relax with my kids (crabby or high-strung as they may be) and husband.

I'm ready to give my girl some good, long cuddles.

I'm ready to give my boy a chance to bounce balls off the wall in the basement (or maybe jump on the bed) to expend a bit of energy ...  And, of course, stick lots of stickers on his wall chart for all of his bathroom successes!

This weekend really can't come soon enough.

If only it would stay for more than two days ...

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