January 28, 2013

making room for the big boy

I had planned to write and publish this post about a year ago, as the impending arrival of "Baby #2" grew closer and closer.  At that time, instead of getting a baby's room ready (since it was already unisex, as we didn't know what Malcolm was going to be before he arrived), my husband and I found ourselves turning our attention (back) to "Baby #1."

More specifically, we spent many a moment crafting and executing a proper "big boy" room for Malcolm in order to coax him away from the small baby room that he knew, and into our larger third bedroom ...  He seemed perfectly content to stay in his crib forever!

Because (at that time) he really liked owls and moons, I thought the two things could be a loose "theme" for the otherwise neutral room.

The bed tent (although he hasn't actually slept in it in ages) was the final piece of the puzzle ...  The pictures on its sides included a crescent moon and an owl, and seemed to tie the "owls and moons" idea together.

It's like we had a camping under the stars theme going all along!

As you can see, it took some time to put everything together, but I feel like we are finally finished ... 

Luckily, the house being up for sale (again) prompted me to take some photos while it was clean and tidy!

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