January 10, 2013

my baby bird

I bought the shirt in today's post when Pearl was brand new and only a week old.

It is so crazy to see her wearing it already.

I feel like she should still be a tiny baby (she is the baby of our family, after all), but I am constantly reminded that she is closer to being a one-year-old (toddler!?) than a newborn.

Long-sleeved shirt: Wonderkids ($1.00)
Onesie: Gerber ($8.00 for pack of three)
Fleece pants: Circo (thrifted for $0.50)
Socks: Old Navy (gift)

Sometimes it hits me when I look at photos ...

Her legs look so long, just dangling for miles and miles when I'm holding her on my hip.

Sometimes it hits me when I watch her go about her day ...

She has a different kind of awareness than before ...  She is so into her surroundings and wants to explore them as much as she can.

The "slow and steady" crawl is starting to pick up its pace and she is expanding her repertoire by sitting up on her knees and pulling up whenever the mood strikes her.

She is much more sturdy than she used to be, and can even tolerate a (very very) small amount of the rough and tumble-ness that comes when Malcolm "plays " with her.

She has (finally!) cut her first tooth and is becoming quite the little pro with solid foods.

(You can see it poking through in the above picture!)

She is growing leaps and bounds right before my eyes!

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