October 19, 2012

the brain of a three-year-old

Like magic, when he hit his third birthday, my usually-agreeable kid turned into a hard-to-please force to be reckoned with.

Lately, Malcolm has taken to using the phrase "me don't like!" over and over again ... And while it is adorable to hear him say it, it is getting old really quickly!

Here is just a sampling of the things that Malcolm says he "doesn't like" ...

His mom.

His dad.

Any one of the usual videos that he watches.

Not being able to watch one of said videos.

The dark.

Having to turn a light on.

Eating dinner.

Being told that he has to wait for dinner.

Taking a bath.

Getting out of the bath.

Playing with his toys.

When Pearl grabs one of his toys.

Wearing his "big boy" training pants (and using the potty).

Wearing a diaper.

The child is a walking contradiction!

He even cried the other day because he wanted to wear socks, but be barefoot.

At the same time.

It makes my head hurt to think about it!

I guess that's why, as adults, we don't remember the early years of our lives.  We're better off thinking that things were simpler, easier, better back then ...

Not that they were wrought with such conflicting emotions!


  1. My daughter is about to turn three in December and I hear you. Oh boy, do I hear you! Sometimes we'll say to her, "The sky is up!" just to hear her reply, "The sky is down!" And then there are the times I'll say to her, "You're being very contrary." To which she'll reply, "no, I'm not!" ;0

  2. Oh, thank GOODNESS someone else is experiencing this craziness! Everyone warns you about two, but no one tells you the insanity that is three. Our Oliver is completely insane right now, I'm convinced.