October 11, 2012

almost mobile

Malcolm seemed pretty "normal" to me in terms of his development (talking notwithstanding) so it is crazy that Pearl seems to be plowing along at warp speed ...

Malcolm perfected sitting with no support at the seven month mark.

Pearl had it down in under six and a half.

Fleece Shirt: Child of Mine (thrifted for $0.50)
Pants: Carter's (thrifted for $1.00 as part of a two piece set)
Socks: Unknown brand (gift)

And crawling?

Malcolm was a little over eight months old when he started.

I think Pearl will get there a bit sooner.

She's almost there as it is ...  Doing that rocking back and forth thing all day long.

I guess all this just goes to show that you really and truly can't compare your children to one another!

Each one is different and unique.

Each one will develop that the pace that is right for him/her ...  Even if, as the Mom, you wish they'd stay little (and, probably more importantly, where you put them!) for just a bit longer.

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