October 4, 2012

snuggly book worm

On most nights, Pearl is fed and put to bed with little fanfare ...  I hate to say that she is "second fiddle" around these parts, but Malcolm's bedtime routine has been well-established and so he often gets priority.

But, sometimes, when Malcolm is spending the night at "Pa-Ma's House" or when he has simply been put to bed earlier than usual (on the rare day he does not get his afternoon nap), the evening is a bit less hectic and so it revolves around Pearl.

She gets time to stretch out in the middle of the living room (without fear of being stomped on).

She gets to "play" with her big brother's things (without having them ripped from her grasp).

And, she gets her very own story time with Dad ...

Fleece sleeper: Carter's (thrifted for $1.00)

As she gets bigger, I anticipate beginning a collective family (or maybe just Dad and kids) story time before bed ...  But, for now, the rare one-on-one time between father and daughter melts my stony heart (and obviously brings out the camera).

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