August 1, 2011

bedtime rituals

It's pretty obvious that I love both of these boys so much ... But sometimes I can't get enough of how much they love each other:

While I have read Malcolm his bedtime story (or, more typically, stories) on many nights, I can tell that it just isn't the same as when his father reads to him. I don't think my husband does anything dramatically different (we both are privy to character voices and general theatrics when we read), and yet, Malcolm sits more patiently and intently when he snuggles up with his dad.

He must enjoy the "boy time" after spending much of the day with me ...

Which is fine!

It only serves as another reminder as to how lucky I am to be part of this little family. I love seeing these simple rituals and traditions forming that (I hope!) will stick with Malcolm long after he starts putting himself to bed!

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