August 31, 2011

he may have called me a bad word

It's as if my post about Malcolm starting to "talk" was tempting fate ...

Last night, after the usual bedtime stories, my husband put Malcolm in the crib and turned out the light.

"Call your Mom," he encouraged. "Yell for 'mama' so she can say good night to you!"

I could hear some shuffling from inside the darkened room (most likely Malcolm happily rolling around in his crib) as I stood just outside of the doorway.

"Do it, Malcolm," my husband continued. "Call your Mom."

There was a beat of silence and then I swore I heard a gleeful "Bitch!" in my little boy's sweet voice.

"Did he just swear at me?" I whispered to my husband from outside the door.

He could only laugh.

Although I'm happy that this kid is experimenting with letter sounds, I hope he sticks to more pleasing combinations when calling out for me!

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