August 18, 2011

my little lake monster

We went back to Conneaut Lake again last weekend.

So, naturally, Malcolm was in his element.

He spent countless hours (and boundless amounts of energy) feeding the fish and ducks ...

Sleeveless tee-shirt:
Circo ($1.75 from the sale rack at Target)
Cotton shorts: Circo ($0.75 from the sale rack at Target)
Shoes: Crocs (gift)

Swinging in the beach-side hammock ...

And generally going crazy (or, in other words, being his usual, goofy self) ...

While I'm sad to see these last few weeks of summer pass us by, I'm also ready to make the transition to fall ...

With Malcolm's second birthday just around the corner, it's hard to truly absorb how far we've come over this past year. I will certainly remember this summer as one that was unusually laid back (with no big vacation plans to speak of, which is really unlike us), yet packed full of fun and fond memories.

Hopefully, Malcolm agrees!

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