August 24, 2011

taming the terrible twos

As I mentioned a little while back, someone is well on his way to becoming a two-year-old (less than a month to go, actually!).

So, I figured it was time for the husband and me to discuss how we'll go about disciplining Malcolm when he inevitably stretches his toddler muscles. We both decided that using "time outs" (a la Super Nanny) will be our discipline method of choice ... Because, seriously, what's worse than sitting still if you are a always-ready-to-go-go-go boy? And what's better (for a mom) than getting that "I'm sorry" hug at the end?

We've already used the technique to pretty promising results ... Surprise of surprises Malcolm actually sits still for his allotted minute (and the act of doing so seems to deter whatever bad behavior he was in for). In an effort to bring this "time out" option with us wherever we go (so that it would have similar impact outside of our home), I wanted to make a physical spot that can travel with us, but yet be used at home, too.

Hence the "Naughty Spot" (if said in a British accent like Super Nanny, it is so much better!) was born.

Here's how I made it ...

Supplies came from a local craft store and my personal supply (junk drawer?) and included: Sheets of durable "Foamy" paper in different sizes and colors, glitter glue, sticky letters, permanent markers, scissors, etc.

Because I wanted a literal "spot," I cut the large foamy sheet into a circle (using a 10-inch skillet lid as a template).

Then I created the phrase "The Naughty Spot" and other embellishments with my other supplies, being sure not to make it too happy or pleasant-looking ...

It is a punishment, after all.

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