August 19, 2011

the start of another school year

I'd usually have a post up by now (I've been keeping my at least "three per week" routine since the beginning of this blog), but things have been gearing up for the school year, stretching my time a bit thinner than usual.

As much as I love and appreciate the opportunity to work from home and raise my son at the very same time, it's not without its difficulties. For example, yesterday I had a full-day meeting to attend (in Columbus), which meant finding childcare, for the day, for Malcolm. I'm extremely lucky to have family nearby and I know working parents do this all the time (and it is nothing new or noteworthy), but I marvel at the fact that children can be successfully shuffled off to daycare at all. Waking a kid up before they do so naturally, having all their stuff packed and ready to go, making sure that you, the parent, make the drop-off and arrive at work on time, too ... It's all enough to make your head spin!

And I only have to get one child out the door!

I can't imagine dealing with more than one ...

Or going through this routine every day ...

It's easy to see that I am most definitely spoiled with my work situation.

Even so, I'm pretty sure that, at some point, I will need more quiet time during my day to get all of my work obligations done ... Which will mean part time daycare (or preschool?!) for my boy. It's crazy to think that, when this job began almost a year ago, I still had two daytime naps to work with and a sister home from college, but not yet working a "real job," to jump in at a moments' notice ...

And back then I couldn't believe how busy things were!

It's funny how perceptions of "what's busy" change over time ... I guess, as I've commented before, life has a way of picking up the pace as soon as you feel like you've established a comfortable routine. It definitely keeps you on your toes (and keeps things interesting to boot) ... But it humbles you at the same time.

As much as I like to think I'm "Superwoman" (and as much as I like others to think the same thing!), I know that am not.

And (as I keep having to remind myself) that's okay ... It comes with the territory of being a work-from-home mom!

Experience shows me that I can only continue to push through, taking my two full-time jobs (of teacher and mother) seriously and doing my best at both.

Here's to hoping this school year will be just as productive as the last!

(And that we all make it through in one piece!)

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