February 10, 2011

sick day musings

My husband wasn't feeling well on Saturday.

By Sunday he was getting worse.

On Monday, he called in sick from work.

It was at that very moment I realized, with great sadness, that I will never get a "real" sick day ever again ...

While my husband slept away most of Monday, I busily held class from my laptop and later (he had spent the night at with his grandparents) wrangled Malcolm as I tried to get lab reports graded.

It stands to say that no matter how gross or achy or fatigued I may end up feeling, one of my "jobs" is always going to need tending to ... While I can always call off at the virtual school and be relieved of those duties, I will always have be "on" for my Little Guy.

I can't as easily "call off" when he is concerned.

That's not to say I'm disappointed that that is the case ... I obviously want nothing more than to make sure my son is well cared for ... It is just something that still requires some getting used to.

It's hard to explain it, but some mornings I wake up and have trouble believing that this is really my life.

Is it really 2011 already?

Am I really 28 years old?

When did my squishy squirmy infant son turn into a tornado of a toddler?

Where has the time gone?

The fact that I will never enjoy the full benefits of a sick day has just made this (new) reality all the more real. It screams: "You are someone's mother! Your life will never be the same!"

Even so, I wouldn't trade my little boy for all the sick days in the world ... I'll resign to be just a tiny bit jealous of his father, instead!

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