February 1, 2011

triassic baby

Even with his three dresser drawers and closet full of clothes, I am running out of material for these Tuesday "baby fashion" posts!

I can't honestly say that every single item Malcolm owns has been on display. Instead, it's that I want to showcase my favorite parts of my son's wardrobe, the outfits that represent specific moments in time ... Moments that I want to freeze in my memory.

Not just any old thing.

It certainly doesn't help that we stay in our pajamas until 2:00 in the afternoon on most days, leaving very little time for impromptu photo shoots when he does look extra cute or the timing is just right.

Luckily, Malcolm's love for his brown, dinosaur-patterned onesie (and the fact that he wears it just about every week) gave me a terrific idea.

One onesie.

Three different looks.

Why didn't I think of this before?

For this installment, we're layering and dressing it up for weekend wear:

Malcolm's favorite onesie: Jumping Bean (gift)
Fleece vest: Arizona (thrifted for $1.00)
Corduroy pants: Wonder Kids (thrifted for $1.50)
Socks: Circo (gift)
Shoes: Stride Rite (thrifted for $2.50)
Dinosaur chunky puzzle: Melissa and Doug ($10.00)

Note: Since I am prone to scientific dorkiness (I just can't help myself!), the titles of these three coordinating posts will reflect the three Ages during which dinosaurs roamed the Earth ... Next week, the Jurassic ...

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