December 27, 2011

pink has no place at christmas

It just wouldn't be the holidays without someone getting sick!

Last year, it was my husband.

He caught such a nasty flu that he was bed ridden and completely out of commission on Christmas Day (and for a couple days afterwards) ...

This year, it was Malcolm.

On Wednesday night during his bath, I noticed that his left eye looked a little gunky (and, yes, "gunky" is a technical term) and pink.

By Thursday morning, things were not improving. Not only did the pinkness and gunk remain, but my baby looked like someone had punched him in the face ... His left eye was almost completely swollen shut!

So, a call to the doctor was placed and, much to my excitement, the nurses were able to diagnose him over the phone (no appointment necessary!!) ...

He had pink eye.

Although his happy-go-lucky attitude hadn't changed in the slightest, Malcolm was placed on twenty-four hour quarantine until he could be medicated and deemed non-contagious (and ready to enjoy the holiday festivities with everyone else).

And thus began my pink eye paranoia.

We couldn't really pinpoint where Malcolm picked it up (I'm thinking a trip to Walmart earlier in the week was the culprit), so, surely, someone else in our household would pick up his germs and only compound our problems!

Did I wash my hands well enough after administering his antibiotic eye drops?

Did he pass any bugs onto my pillowcase during his bed time story with Dad?

Did he contaminate the couch (and the many pillows and blankets there) during his daily jumping spree?

Should I just wash everything in hot water and call it a day?

Here, nearly a week later, and I'm still scrutinizing the whites of my eyes in the bathroom mirror each night.

So far, so good ... No signs of pink eye for me!

Still, it would be absolutely lovely to have a Christmas without any sickness or drama.

A girl can dream.

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