December 13, 2011

tiny hiccups

My husband doesn't get hiccups (as in, plural, many, multiples) ...

He gets a single, solitary hiccup.

One and he's done.

That's it.

It's really the strangest thing I have ever seen ... I don't know anyone else who shares his hidden talent. In fact, in our over twelve years of being together (and spending most of our time with each other), I have never witnessed him deal with an unending set of hiccups that required any home remedies to squelch.

"Hold your breath! No, really hold it ... Push through the hiccups!" He'll coach whenever I end up with them (I'm normal, I get more than one!) ... But how I can really take his advice to heart, when he's never had to use it himself?

All this colorful back story about my husband's odd hiccuping abilities to say that Baby #2 had hiccups the other night and he/she definitely takes after me.

I never felt hiccups while Malcolm was hanging out in my uterus, so the experience was totally new ... And really, really cool.

So that's a baby hiccup!

Every couple seconds I'd feel it ...

A little twitch.

Far too rhythmic and small to be a kick or a voluntary movement.

Definitely a hiccup.

A cute, tiny hiccup.

Too bad the husband was asleep at the time and unable to bestow some of his anti-hiccup wisdom on our soon-to-arrive second child ...

Although I'm sure that there will be plenty of opportunity in the future!

I mean, who doesn't get hiccups (in multiples), besides my husband, of course?

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