April 12, 2012

coordinated cuties

This Easter was our first big chance to step out as a family of four, so I did what any (normal) mother would do ...

I pieced together (somewhat) coordinating outfits for my children!

Dress shirt:
Old Navy (thrifted for $0.75)
Khaki pants: Cherokee (hand-me-down)
Socks: Circo ($1.00)
Shoes: Converse (thrifted for $1.00)

Polka-dot jacket: Circo (part of three piece set for $11.00)
Long-sleeved undershirt: Gerber (pack of three for $6.00)
Onesie: Circo (part of three piece set for $11.00)
Stretch pants: Circo (part of three piece set for $11.00)
Socks: Walmart (pack of ten for $6.00)

The only thing that would have made my creations better (children and outfits!) is if I could have snapped a coveted "sibling photo" of the two of them snuggling together.

Unfortunately, Malcolm wasn't feeling it.

Maybe we'll get lucky next time we have an excuse to "dress up" ...

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