April 11, 2012


It's been about four weeks as a family of four.

As seems to be the case with children (new babies in particular), it has seemed like a blink of an eye, but also an eternity at the exact same time.

Pearl has worked her way into our family quite well ... She's a little more "clingy" and "cuddly" than Malcolm was at her age, but she is just as laid-back and easy going. She sleeps pretty well, giving me stretches of 3-3.5 hours between feedings at night, and is already filling out from said feedings ... Her cheeks are starting to get adorably puffy! I can't wait for the rest of her to plump up a bit, too! There's nothing cuter than a chubby baby!

While Malcolm hasn't really embraced having a sister (he mostly just ignores her), there haven't been any sibling-related meltdowns. I'm sure he'll warm up eventually, but, until then, I enjoy having him as "my little helper." He likes grabbing things for me when I'm "stuck" feeding the baby, and he has helped to burp and bathe her on occasion. He's even "shared" his blanket, Spot, for short spurts of time ... As predicted, he is shaping up to be quite the big brother!

But, probably the most unexpected thing about our expansion to a family of four, is how effortless (and I'm probably jinxing myself with this) and easy everything has been so far.

I'm getting a decent amount of sleep (not nearly as much as I would like, but I am able to function) ... And, sometimes, we all go down for naps at the same time in the afternoon!

I've been able to run errands and go to multiple doctor's appointments with both kids in tow, without any major disturbances.

We've survived our first holiday (Easter).

Our day-to-day routine has become pretty established.

Having two, easy-going (and well rested!) kids is definitely part of the formula for success ... But, I certainly can't discount our wonderful families and friends and all of the support we have been given over this past month. Meals, nights alone with the baby (while Malcolm enjoys some overnight grandparent time), and even simple "I'm thinking of you" phone calls ...

We are so lucky!

In addition, I also have to give lots of credit to my partner through everything ... My wonderful husband. He is truly a natural and has really jumped into the "father of two" role head first. One moment he is occupying Malcolm with rambunctious games in the backyard, and the next he is quietly soothing Pearl to sleep ...

I knew I had a "keeper" a long time ago, and I often thought about how things would be once we had kids of our own, but it is so rewarding to actually see these moments materialize and become real.

To really live them.


So, yes, these past four weeks have been good to us ...

Full of lots of living, and growing, and loving.

I only hope that the next four (and the four after that, and the four after that ...) are just as wonderful!

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  1. So glad it is going well for you! And don't be afraid to jinx it! I honestly thought the transition from zero kids to one was MUCH harder than one kid to two kids. Plus, when Pearl gets older, she and M will entertain each other!
    Congratulations. She is beautiful, and I love the name!