April 30, 2012

playing parrot

As Malcolm becomes more verbal, I've come to the realization that I need to watch what I say around him.

Just the other afternoon, we were both in the master bedroom as I got dressed for the day.  I pulled out a (non-maternity) shirt from my dresser and proceeded to put it on.

"Ugh.  Too tight!"  I said to my reflection in the mirror as I removed the shirt and put it away.  I guess I'm not quite "there" yet when it comes to getting back into some of my old wardrobe options ...  Being between sizes stinks!

Jump ahead a couple days to when my husband, Malcolm, and I were all in the master bedroom together (Pearl was sleeping in her room, just so you don't think we intentionally left her out!).  We weren't doing anything specific ...  I think I was putting laundry away and my husband was cleaning up from work.  Malcolm was just hanging out with us, milling around and climbing on and off of the bed.

"Too tight!"  He exclaimed out of nowhere.  "Green ...  Too tight!"

My husband, not knowing what he was talking about, looked puzzled.

I, however, had to smile.

Someone was paying attention to my clothing dilemma!

While (obviously) no big deal, I can see that this is just the start of something much, much greater in our household.  All too soon, we'll have a parrot on our hands.  A little person repeating anything and everything that we say.

It's just another reminder that Malcolm is growing every day.

He is not the baby of the house anymore (both literally and figuratively).  He is turning into a "big boy" through and through, and, before I know it, I'll be having conversations with him.

What a crazy thought!

It's almost as crazy as me thinking I'd fit into one of my "normal" shirts less than two months after giving birth ...

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