May 29, 2012

cute floral centerpieces for my cute baby girl

Pearl was baptized over the long weekend, which meant a gathering of extended family and friends at our house afterward.  In order to make our garage a little bit nicer for my girl's first ever party in her honor, I put together some simple floral centerpieces for the folding tables.

I already had the small metal pails from Malcolm's second birthday party, so all I had to do was remove his "street signs" and put flowers in their place.  Easy!

Here is a quick tutorial ...

To make the centerpieces, you will need:

Small metal pails
Floral foam (mine were half spheres that fit snugly into each pail)
Silk flowers (I purchased mine in bulk from
Wire snips
Shredded paper

Clip the silk flowers to your desired length (I found that about two inches off the bottom for the central flower and four to five inches for the perimeter flowers worked well).

Insert the stems into the floral foam.


Once all of the flowers are in place and how you like them, use the shredded paper to "fill in" the gaps and create a more finished look.

Proudly display your final product!

In all, each centerpiece cost just under $5.00 and took less than five minutes to make from start to finish ...  Not a bad little decoration, if I do say so myself!

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