September 14, 2012

better with age

Rumor has it, I celebrated by thirtieth birthday last week.

The big 3-0.

(Luckily, my special day was a bit less eventful than last year!)

I have been told by many people that this upcoming decade of my life will be the best ...  But, if I think back on them, my twenties were pretty darn good.

I graduated from college.

I (jointly) bought a house.

I got married to the love of my life.

I took some pretty awesome trips (to Colorado, and Mexico, and Florida, most recently, Jamaica).

I birthed my first child ...

And then my second.

I earned my Master's degree.

There are lots of wonderful memories all wrapped up into ten years!

Of course, there were the not-so-great moments, too ...  But, overall, I certainly can't complain about my twenties!

My thirties have some big shoes to fill!

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