November 6, 2012

second verse (same as the first)

As of November 1st, our house was officially off the market (again).

Yes, the second year of "attempting to sell our house" has come to a close so that we can enjoy the holidays without the the potential of open houses and random showings hanging over our heads.

Not that we got a lot of those anyway ...

(Although we did get more than last year)

Things are still sluggish in the Cleveland housing market.  Foreclosures are everywhere and, it seems, people would rather pay half the price for a fixer-upper than buy our ready-to-live-in, full price home.

I don't blame them, of course.

I mean, if (and when) we do sell this house, that is just the sort of house we'll be looking for ...  One that is big and cheap, that will provide us some extra growing room.

But, for now, it's back to life as usual in our "old" house.

Time to just settle in and enjoy the charm of its nearly hundred-year-old construction.

Time to make it more liveable for us and our current needs ...  Which includes finishing the basement "play room" project so that our living room isn't overrun with toys anymore.

Time to have fun with the kids and build new experiences and memories ...  And think back on old ones.

As much as I want to get out and start a new chapter of our lives, I know that, when this "on the market" stuff ends with an actual offer and sale, it will be bittersweet.

This is our first house!

We purchased it over seven years ago.

We pulled down yards and yards of wallpaper, pulled up carpet, painted rooms to our liking, fixed up the kitchen (and added a dishwasher!), remodeled the bathroom ...

It was lots of work.

Lots of hard work.  A labor of love.

So, until next year, when we start the whole process all over again, we will enjoy this house and consider ourselves so very lucky to call it home.

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  1. Your house sounds a lot like ours. We're planning on rennovating the kitchen and bathroom in the next year or two. We're planning on my 76 yo MIL moving in with us eventually...