July 2, 2013

an interview with malcolm (almost four edition)

During one of the hottest days last week, the kids and I were spending some time on the porch and I got the bright idea to "interview" Malcolm.

Here are some of his favorite things ...

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Shape: "Half moons, crescent moons, full moons ...  They all my favorite."
Favorite Fruit: "Bananas, of course!"
Favorite Lunch Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite Dinner Food: Noodles (this usually means spaghetti and meatballs)
Favorite Dessert: Gummies, cakes, or pies
Favorite Drink: "Lemonade at Gramma's house, that's my best drink."
Favorite Movie: A Bug's Life
Favorite Game: Hide and Seek (although I don't think he's ever played it before!)
Favorite Train: Gordon
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Peach (the starfish from Finding Nemo)
Favorite Bug: Lady bugs, thorn bugs, caterpillars, and butterflies
Favorite Animal: Seals and reindeer
Favorite Plant: "Droopy flowers, of course ...  And tulips."
Favorite Thing at the Park: Walking on the tires

Favorite Thing About Dad: "He chases me."
Favorite Thing About Mom: Getting hugs and kisses
Favorite Thing About Pearl: Reading books with her

Hopefully, I'll remember to try this again next summer ...  And see how his preferences change over time!

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