July 23, 2013

eight is great

On our eighth wedding anniversary (today!) I thought I'd take a moment to list eight reasons why I love the husband and am still so glad I said "I do" those many years ago ...

(In no particular order)

1. He is my very best friend.

2. When we were in the early/just friend stages of our relationship, he was able to look past my late-90's fashion choices (Overalls?!  In public?  And I think that's a scrunchie around my wrist ...) and to the beauty that was beneath.

3. Although there are times when he thinks he's way more funny than he actually is, he always knows how to make me laugh.

4. He is an amazing cook ...  And understands that desserts are the way to my heart!

5. He enjoys traveling as much as I do, yet knows how to just take in the scenery and not overdo it.

6. He works hard for our family ...  Both when he is at home, or away at work.

7. He supports me in all of my endeavors, no matter how crazy they may seem.

8. He is partially (50%, to be exact) responsible for these two little cherubs ...

Happy anniversary, Honey!

Here's to eight (plus infinity) more!

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