July 15, 2010

in the bag

My husband uses the expression "in the bag" to describe someone that has just woken up ... For example:

"Look who's in the bag!"

"He's in the bag."

"Man, I'm still in the bag."

I had never heard of such a thing in my entire life, so when I was told one morning that I was "in the bag," my attitude immediately jumped from good to bad ... Who tells their wife that she's in a bag? To me, the phrase just sounds mean, holds a negative connotation, and implies that I must look absolutely horrible and completely unready for my day to begin. I don't need to be reminded that I just woke up! I enjoy my sleep a little bit more than the average person, I think.

So, if you are still sleepy-eyed, dry mouthed, and/or not-quite-awake, to my husband (and his family, for that matter) you are "in the bag."

Moving on ...

As has been mentioned before, Malcolm is an awesome sleeper.

He is also an awesome waker-uper.

Just about every time I enter his bedroom to get him out of his crib, he is happy and excited for the day to begin (or continue, if he was down for a nap). He squeals and squirms and crawls in circles around the mattress, often headbutting the sides or falling on his face. His smile is contagious, even first thing in the morning ... Which is a good thing for a tired parent that just might need a little coaxing to get her day going.

Recently, Malcolm has really taken to a comfort object that he cuddles with when it is time for bed ... A little, baby blue rabbit attached to a blanket that we refer to as "Hugsy." Now, when I first enter the room in the morning, Malcolm is usually sitting in the same corner of the crib with "Hugsy" clutched in one hand (usually pressed up against his face) and a thumb in his mouth.

My heart melts at the sight!

Now, how could you (or why would you want to) refer to something so unbelievably precious as "in the bag?"

I certainly wouldn't.

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