July 6, 2010

miniature superhero

We had an unseasonably cool week of weather (last week) here in Cleveland where it felt much more like early fall or late spring than it did the beginning of summer. The week was wonderful in that we were able to comfortably lounge around the house and yard in long sleeves and jeans.

That is, until our arch-nemesis Sweltering Heat and his henchman Humidity caught up with us once again ... Drat!

Which leads me to this week's fashion: Malcolm's awesome Batman-themed graphic tee, a Christmas gift that I figured wouldn't get any use until sometime after his first birthday.

Shirt: Old Navy (gift)
Pants: Baby Gap (thrifted for $2.00)
Socks: unknown brand (thrifted with five other pairs for $1.50)

Holy cute baby, Batman!

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