July 19, 2010

waking up is hard to do

All the references to being (or not being) "in the bag" in last week's post got me thinking about some of the other things I don't like dealing with first thing in the morning.

Here they are, in list form:
  1. A classroom full of teenagers.
  2. My grumpy husband (he is, shall we say, not a morning person).
  3. My messy house ... Where to begin?!
  4. A pile of cat barf in the hallway.
  5. My sweet child (and inside of his crib, bumpers and all) smeared in feces. Lots and lots of feces ...
Can you guess which one I just recently experienced??

Side note: I will never, EVER, put any child of mine to bed in only a diaper and shorts ... Onesies or sleepers will be the norm from now on! Then, at least, most of the poop will get trapped ...

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