October 18, 2010

making beautiful music together

Last weekend, Malcolm and I made a "surprise trip" to southern Ohio (with my mom) so that we could see some of our extended family ... But probably, more importantly, so that they could see Malcolm!

(I've come to grips with the fact that I am merely part of the entourage, just another "thing" that accompanies my son.)

As always, he was quite the trooper ... Making the drive with little complaint and being a perfect angel once we arrived. He is still really outgoing and accepting of all new people (no real signs of "stranger anxiety" just yet) so he loved seeing all the new familiar faces. I don't think he minded all of the extra attention, either ... Or the extra hugs and cuddles. He's turning out to be quite the sensitive little fellow.

Although he was a big hit across the board, out of everyone, my grandparents from Pittsburgh (his "Great Gram and Pap") were probably the most excited to see him. Thinking back, the last time that they have seen him "in person" was when he was four months old! Since then, they have really only watched him grow through the photographs I send their way ... Something that, while acceptable, really isn't good enough.

A piece of paper is no substitute for the real thing!

As a kid, I was also lucky enough to have one set of great-grandparents ... Yet I barely remember them. Like Malcolm, they were my mother's grandparents, and they lived out of town, so our visits were few and far between. I don't know if there are even any pictures of us together (if there are, I don't remember seeing them).

The morning we were to leave, I made it a point to have my camera ready. While the sheer quantity of photographs I take has dwindled, I know a precious moment when I see one.

And this was a precious moment:

They sat like that for what probably seemed like hours to a one-year-old, taking turns "playing" the xylophone. I truly hope that Malcolm has the opportunity to make many more moments like these with his "Great Gram."

And I hope that I'm around to capture them with even more pictures!

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