January 10, 2011

cuddle bug for an afternoon

Although a balance is hard to strike, working at home has its benefits.

Last week, Malcolm had one particularly rough afternoon where his teeth were actually bothering him. He was tearful and crabby, and nothing was making him happy ... The old standbys were of no use. When I went to change his diaper, and just laying on the changing table had him fitfully sobbing, I knew that work needed to take a back seat for a little while.

Grabbing "Spot" (his blanket, which has become his comfort object of choice), we headed downstairs and sat together on the rocker recliner. I cradled him in my arms like I used to do when he was just a little guy ... And, for once (in a great, great while), he stayed put!

We rocked and just looked at each other.

I stroked his cheek.

He pointed at my nose and grabbed my glasses.

It was the perfect way to spend half an hour.

Something I certainly wouldn't have been able to do had I been teaching from a "regular" classroom that day.

Like I said, working at home has its benefits ... Just being with my son is the best one of all.

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