January 26, 2011

mother, may i?

Malcolm is quite the obedient little fellow.

For example, there is a mini flashlight that sits on my husband's bedside table (he wakes up before it's light out and, at times, needs to locate something in the room without disturbing my slumber) that fascinates Malcolm. Whenever he is close to our bedroom door he gets really excited and squeals to go inside ...

Note: Gosh, I can't wait until I don't have to write "squeals" anymore! "Asks" will be so much more satisfying!

He beelines right for the table and picks up the flashlight, waving it in the air and carrying it around with him the whole time we are in the room. But, no sooner than I ask, "Malcolm, can you please put Daddy's flashlight back?" he scurries off and actually does it.

And he seems quite proud of himself, too.

I find myself somewhat surprised (and thrilled) when he eagerly follows similar directions during the day ...

When asked to bring me a specific item, he promptly locates and retrieves it.

When asked to "help" clean up the mess that is the living room, he jumps right in and starts returning items to their proper places.

When asked if he's hungry or in need of a nap, he actually goes to where the activity would take place ...

Even my parents, after his weekend visit, recounted how he ran out of the room to grab a book after being asked to do so (they were surprised when he returned to the room with the correct one).

I don't know if this is normal, and/or if it is going to last (and for how long?!), but I am finding so much joy in every single minute of it! It's fun to "test him" throughout the day to see what he knows and what he doesn't ... He rarely misses a beat! He may not be saying any words just yet, but he is already building up an impressive receptive vocabulary!

My little Malcolm is transforming into a full fledged person right before my eyes ... A well-behaved full fledged person.

What more could I ask for?!

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