January 6, 2011

winter thaw

Last week, during the quick bit of "warmer weather" that passed through, we made it a point to spend some time outside of the house.

Since Malcolm is a full fledged walker, a nearby park was an obvious choice.

It was so fun to set him down and watch him explore (rather than carry him from place to place) for the first time. He was pretty reserved and quiet when we arrived, cautiously taking it all in ...

But as soon as he realized that he could touch everything, he perked up a little bit.

Then it was on to the swings ... Not only has Malcolm always loved the swings, but the back-and-forth motion of the activity gave me a chance to test some of the features on my new digital SLR camera (my one and only Christmas gift this year).

I have to say, the camera (already!) has my seal of approval and I've barely scratched the surface of all it is able to do!

Can you believe that he is actually moving in the above photo? If I had been using my old camera, you'd probably only see the side of his face as he went out of frame!

Anyway, the quick excursion to the park was a success!

It's too bad we'll ultimately have to wait another four months or so before heading back ...

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