March 25, 2011

independence is his middle name

As of Wednesday, Malcolm turned eighteen months (a year and a half!!!) old ...

This concept (a year and a half!!!), to me, is downright ridiculous!

Absolutely unbelievable!

I mean, just yesterday, I brought him home from the hospital ... All pink and squishy and new.

Just yesterday, I spent the afternoons laying with him on his ocean activity mat.

Just yesterday, I watched him roll over for the first time.

Just yesterday, I fed him his first solid food.

Just yesterday, I bid goodbye to his gummy grin as his first baby tooth made its appearance.

Just yesterday, I laughed as he bounded back and forth in his doorway bouncer.

Just yesterday, I watched (in awe) as he crawled across the living room floor.

Just yesterday, I teared up as I entered his room and saw him standing in his crib for the first time.

Just yesterday, I cheered him on as he took his first wobbly steps.

Really and truly.

Just yesterday, he was still a baby.

Today, he is (officially) a toddler.

It's definitely been a fun journey, so far.

I can't wait to see what's farther down the road ...

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