April 14, 2011

divine intervention

Our house has been on the market for exactly two months and two days.

There have been no open houses, or walk-throughs, or really any interest of any kind up to this point ... But I remain optimistic. I have long believed that what is meant to be, will be. Some things are out of our control, but there is a plan, a perfect design of which I am unaware ...

I know in my heart that our buyer is out there somewhere ... He/she/they have yet to stumble upon the treasure that is our home ...

It's just a matter of time.

Yet, despite these "happy thoughts" and endless optimism that our house WILL (eventually) sell, I took it upon myself to give it that extra "edge" yesterday evening. No, I didn't install new energy-efficient windows, or a new hot water heater, or refinish the basement, or offer a sizable monetary credit to potential home buyers ... I did something even more incredible ...

By the light of a warm, spring sunset, I buried Saint Joseph in the front flower bed.

That's right, I pulled out the big guns.

For any non-Catholics out there, Saint Joseph (Jesus' earthly father, or step-father if you will) is the patron saint of home and family. So, it has long been Catholic tradition (or superstition?!) to bury a Saint Joseph statue upside-down (his toes pointed to heaven) in the yard of a home that is listed for sale.

I know it probably sounds crazy, but to make the situation even better (at least in my mind), this particular statue has already worked once before ... We actually found it in this home's backyard shortly after we moved in!

Our Joseph's got a proven track record!

While I'm not expecting our realtor's phone to ring off the hook from here on out, I figure a little divine intervention can't hurt ...

It might be the one thing that sets our house apart from the hundreds of others that are also up for sale in our neighborhood!

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