April 7, 2011

off the clock

I stumbled across this quote the other day and thought it was funny (and all too true):

"You can't see Canada across lake Erie, but you know it's there. It's the same with spring. You have to have faith, especially in Cleveland." ~Paul Fleischman

I'm currently enjoying a week of freedom during my Spring Break from the virtual school.

While the weather hasn't exactly been as "springy" as I would like, the "break" part of the equation is in full effect!

It's absolutely wonderful to just take things easy. To wake up when Malcolm does and to just spend the entire day doting on him ...

So often during a work week, I feel like I have to push him aside to get things done. I have to use means other than myself to occupy him ... Such as popping in his new favorite DVD ("Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures") and merely glancing his way as he bops along to the opening music.

Sure, he is no worse for wear. He's a happy kid. His needs are met. His diapers are changed. He's fed when he's hungry and read to when he wants to hear a story.

But, there's always that nagging feeling that I should be doing more for him. That he should be getting my undivided attention. I know that as time rolls by, and more children are added to the mix of things, my attention will always be divided to some extent ... So maybe this "lack of spoiling" my firstborn is currently receiving is a good thing.

Even so, it is nice to have those moments where I don't have to second guess and put one of my "jobs" in the backseat. For one, blissful week, it's just me and Malcolm doing whatever we want to do. Sure, there are various appointments in there too (for his eighteen month well-check and eighteen month portraits) ... But, for the rest of the day, it's all about him.

At least until he naps.

Then it's all about me!


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