April 4, 2011

virtual insanity

I signed up to take two e-learning classes this summer in order to finish up my master's degree (in Education) once and for all.

Although I am excited to throw myself into school again (as the student), I don't fully know what I was thinking.

I guess, last time when I took only one class, I was able to juggle it, a newly-walking one-year-old, a full-time teaching job, and a part-time tutoring position ...

Things are a little different now. I've gotten into a routine with the full-time job and given up the part-time one ... So, what's another class added to the mix?!

It doesn't hurt that work with my own virtual school will be over for the summer (yet I will still be required to be "in my office") as my e-learning classes really pick up, so I'll be looking for something to occupy my brain as I sit around the house in a state of suspended animation.

All logical reasoning aside, as much as I say I like to relax and just be, I also like to feel like I'm accomplishing something ... And what's better at making a person feel accomplished, than completing a master's degree?

It will be nice to finally end the process (about five years in the making) and have everything in place for when I need to renew my license in a few years.

I also figure that, on the family front, things will only get crazier from here on out ...

Malcolm is only going to become more mobile, and vocal, and independent ... He's not always going to be happy with reading the same books, or playing with the same toys, day in and day out.

He'll need more from me.

He'll need to be entertained and challenged and intellectually stimulated.

Our family (God willing) is only going to get bigger and more chaotic ... The number of "projects" that I can handle with one child demanding my attention will probably decrease once a second (or more?) is thrown into the mix. So I might as well achieve my current academic goals before something has got to give ...

Yes, now is the time to just go for it!

To take the leap and sink or swim ...

And, as I've said many, many times before, I don't do things "half way."

I'm a classic overachiever.

I'll take those two classes (hopefully earning a pair of "A's" to join all the others), complete my Graduate Comprehensive Exam, and never look back.

Then I'll get antsy and begin planning for my next advanced degree ...

Maybe Biology this time?

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