June 20, 2011

making cute babies since 2009

I like to joke with my husband and tell him that I only hung on to him during our "Tumultuous College Years" because I knew he'd make cute babies.

While there certainly is some truth to it (he was an adorable little boy ... I'll have to scan some baby pictures one of these days), I have to admit that I also hung on to him because I knew he'd be great once the genes had shuffled ...

In other words, I knew that he'd be a great dad.

From our early dating years, it was evident that he was an easygoing guy. While he was never too keen on change, he was one to "roll with the punches" and take things as they came. He was funny and animated, two qualities that kids typically go for ... My younger cousins (who now, aren't so young anymore), adored him and he was a natural in dealing with them.

Yes, the deck was stacked in his favor ...

This Father's Day, while I'm not surprised, I'm in awe at how far he's come.

I remember so vividly, his fear of being someone's father.

The whole summer leading up to Malcolm's birth, he was so full of questions ... Lots and lots of "what ifs" found their way out of his mouth and to my ear ...

What if this baby cried all night?

What if he didn't know what to do in a given situation?

What if our parents didn't agree with how we wanted to do things?

What if, when this kid became a teenager, he/she starts hanging out with the wrong crowd?

What if becoming parents would negatively affect other aspects of our marriage?

He wanted to have all the answers (which in many ways was so unlike him) ... He wanted to be as prepared as possible so that there would be no surprises.

But, as is often the case with children, many (pleasant) surprises came, and continue to come, each and every day. He "rolled with the punches," as I knew he would and fell into the role of "dad" so effortlessly.

There is no better feeling to see Malcolm's face light up when he hears the rattle of the back screen door ... Dad is home! Or to hear the "Da! Da! Da!" as he barrels through the room, running full force to greet his dad.

There is no better feeling watching my husband scoop our son in his arms. Or to listen from outside the doorway as they play together or read stories before bedtime.

Sure, there are the un-fun parenting moments, too ... The crabby crying. The bumps on the head. The messy meals (where more ends up on the floor than in the stomach) ... But somehow, things have had a way of working out.

We're loving every moment we get to spend with Malcolm and seriously contemplating Baby #2 ...

The way I see it, it would be a shame not to make more, since they have a more-than-decent chance of being pretty darn cute.

Happy Father's Day, Dearest!

Coming on two years under your belt and you're getting better every day!

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